Monday, January 12, 2015 5:43PM
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Tips for creating the perfect wedding photos:

For the Best Wedding Images at your wedding ~ A How To!!!

One of the biggest sources of stress for every bride- to- be is how they will look in their 

pictures; however, by following the guidance outlined in a new book called “The Art of a

Wedding” by Cherie Steinberg and Hedley Jones, every woman can look their best in their wedding pictures. 

The book, published in 2014, is an essential resource for every bride, and this article shares some vital tips from the new publication to help you get the best possible pictures on the big day.


Find the Best Photographer

As Cherie and Hedley make clear, far too many people skimp when it comes to choosing a

photographer. They either ask family and friends, or they might choose to go with an amateur

photographer that advertises locally, and while the photographs might well be adequate, they

often won’t be exceptional. The best advice is to find a professional photographer and start

looking for them as soon as possible.


A professional photographer will understand about staging, lighting and the most flattering

angles; it is worth the additional investment so that you can be sure that you’ll get the best

photographs possible.


Practice posing

Another valuable tip you’ll find in the book “The Art of a Wedding” by Cherie Steinberg and Hedley Jones

is to practice posing for photographs. Posing for pictures isn’t something that most people feel comfortable

doing, so practicing can make you feel more at ease and enable you to find the most flattering

angles. Moreover, the more relaxed you look in front of the camera, the better you’ll look in

the picture.


Finding the right time and location


Timing is everything when it comes to finding the right location for your wedding photographs.

As Cherie and Hedley explain, where and when you have the photographs taken can make a

huge difference into the quality of the pictures. For instance, pictures that are taken in the

strong summer sun can often be far too harsh and the result will be an unflattering image.

However, as the light starts to fade, the photographs will be much more flattering, and the

shadows that form at sunset can help to create a dramatic backdrop.


Find a great makeup artist


Some people don’t want the added expense of a makeup artist, but a wedding is one of the

most special days of our lives, so you can’t afford not to have this luxury. In “The art of a

Wedding” Cherie advises that a bride finds a highly trained, qualified

make-up artist that knows how to make them look their best so that they look picture-

perfect for their wedding photo shoot.


These three tips are just a fraction of nearly 150 tips collected by the team at CherieFoto for brides to get the best and most memorable wedding photographs.


The ebook is available on Amazon here:


Monday, October 27, 2014 6:11PM
By cherie & hedley
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Hedley and I are pleased to announce that we have a new baby on the way... but not what you might think!!!!!!    HaHaHa......

Our arrival is the 2nd edition of our fabulous ebook for Brides, Photographers and Wedding Planners to get the best out of their wedding photographer and have the most amazing photos at everyday wedding........... 

The book is based on all the tips that we have picked up in our years of experience as wedding photographers. It has been completely updated for 2015 and beyond:

We know that it will be a valuable resource for all brides-to-be!

Please share it with your friends, family and clients.


Cherie and Hedley

"Voted Best Wedding Photographers in L.A. 2014”

Sunday, October 12, 2014 3:00PM
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We are so happy to report that we were voted the #1 BEST Wedding Photographers 2014 in Los Angeles on the HOT LIST LA 2014......

This just totally made our day that we were on this very prestigious list and then to get 1st lace was really really special for us!!!!

Thanks to everyone that voted for us...We knew some people BUT did not know alot of others that voted for us!!!

We are thrilled to be considered some of the best Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles!!! We are also considered pretty good

Boudoir photographers as well especially for Bridal Boudoir!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 7:23PM
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Our secret in turning over great wedding photographs – revealed!

By Cherie Steinberg

 Photography is more than just capturing photos – it’s a form of artistry. Since I started photography, I love how I can turn ordinary sceneries to beautiful works of art. Fine art and my experience in high fashion taught me how to make a woman look her best in a photograph. The dresses, shoes, and other glamorous accessories a woman can wear enhance that artistic feel I want to achieve. This is why I love to shoot boudoir and weddings!

 We created a unique style of making a woman to be wed look like a fashion model or a Playboy bunny during her wedding day. Aside from this style, we are absolutely hands-on with our clients – we spend time with them and usually, we become the best of friends. This relationship bring us to be their partners in every milestone of their life, including shooting for their kids’ birthday parties.

 Wedding photography is not an easy task for us. It’s not just a process of us going to the venue to take photos. We train the couple on our role in the wedding and mentor them how they can help us take the best photos. In short, it’s not a one-day affair for us. It takes time to build the relationship so that our vision – the couple’s and our’s – will be realized.

 Our hands-on style cannot be compromised by any other factors like the pains of post-processing. At a single wedding, we shoot hundreds of photos from multiple cameras of our team. It’s a nightmare to meet deadlines and at the same time photograph another wedding!

 We have one great secret that helps us in creating wedding photographs: we have a partner that helps us with post-processing. We have been outsourcing our post-processing work for several years already. It’s not a team here in the US – we have been employing the work of ImagePerfekt, a team based in the Philippines. All the grunt work of post-processing, including image culling, photo retouching, and color corrections are done professionally.

 It’s not just your ordinary retouching team. Here are a couple of benefits that our team have been experiencing from ImagePerfekt:

 1.    The team is composed of artists and photographers. They don’t make photos look presentable to the general public – they make photos great according to the standards of a photographer. With their ability, they can pick the best photos when doing image culling. Plus, as artists, they also have the ability to manipulate photos to resemble paintings. That’s how good they are!

2.       They are efficient and help you meet deadlines. Quick turnaround is helpful for a photographer trying to meet deadlines and fortunately, ImagePerfekt accomplishes this in just 1-2 days. You can also ask them to turn over the photos sooner if it’s a rush request.

 3.     They have vast experience. One of the worries of a photographer in outsourcing their post-processing requirements is the experience of the retouching team. ImagePerfekt have been working with several well-known photographers in the United States, including myself. They would know exactly what you need when requesting for a retouched photo so it is so easy to work with them again and again!

 4.     Flexibility. ImagePerfekt doesn’t stop when they finish retouching your photos. There are times when I had to request them to edit the photo until they get what I was trying to achieve. They provide one to two revisions without additional charge.

5.     Great team to work with! With their experience, they know how to deal with clients and are always professional. Their friendliness is an added bonus. It’s always a pleasure to work with them at all times!

 You can check them out by going to their website: or directly upload your photos at

Monday, September 08, 2014 11:15AM
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Weddings and Boudoir Photography Los Angeles....

So why is this combination working so well and this trend is growing faster than anything I have seen for many years......About 65% of our girls that we see are getting married and this is well face it the most amazing gift that a Bride can give to a Groom on the wedding night. Or anytime for that matter. So get on board girls. It is one of the most memorable things you will ever do and you will have those images for a lifetime.

Ask any 50 year old girl if they wish they would have done pics like this when they were 25-45 and they will all say the same thing. OMG yes wish I had done that. Bridal Boudoir Photography here in Los Angles is just about the most fun a girl can have. Read our yelp listings for Cheriefoto or The Boudoir Cafe. We are pleased to say we have a 5 star Yelp listing with over 60 reviews. These are for Weddings, Portraits and Boudoir.....So get with it and come in to see us and have the experieince of a lifetime...You will always remember the day you did these images....I promise....

We have the premier Boudoir photography studio in Beverly Hills a charming sweet and intimate place where people come to have a day that they will never forget!!!.....

So do something you have always wanted to do and treat yourself or better still get your guy to treat you!!!

Enjoy 2014 Wedding and Boudoir Season!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 1:21PM
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Just up.....

Article and photos in The Rolling Stone Magazine...

Super excited that our images were put into this iconic article about the one and only Iron Sheik.....

It is always amazing when Cheriefoto gets to have our images in institutions and legendary publications.....


Sunday, July 20, 2014 10:55PM
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When I was a little girl in Toronto my Grandmother used to watch wrestling every Saturday morning!! It was acrtually very comical as she was in her 80's watching wrestling. I always thought it was so funny and weird, but really endearing. My Grandmother was such an interesting woman and appearently knew alot more than I had imageined at the time. The Iron Sheik was such a star. He was the badest ever if that is a sentence. So getting to hang with him and the Magen Brothers who brought him to LA to have a roast was really a huge treat. The Magen Boys are the largest party and entertainment company in Canada and have the most amazing story of resurecting The Sheiks career a few years ago. A documentary movie is on its way and will have an opening here in LA in the near future. I got to also hang with the amazing wrestlers and comics at the Comedy Store. @TheRealMorrison and @mexwarrior to name a couple.......You see these men were as sweet as they come and I loved hanging with them. My Grandmother was right again. So check out @the_ironsheik and listen to his badass tweets...They are nuts...He is a legend..Some pics...Hope you enjoy....

Monday, July 14, 2014 3:26PM
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It is upon us...

The most fabulous time of the year....

I love the summer for so many reasons and one of them the amazing Weddings and Boudoir shoots....

That we are going to do....Look out for some Award winning images....

I have a very nice article from the Los Angeles Times...Talking about imagery..I am putting up a copy of that article for all the Brides out there.....

Wondering about how to get great wedding images....!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014 10:36AM
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Cheriefoto has been doing wedding for a long time and have some very valuable tips for all Brides and Grooms.... Since we are in the middle of this fabulous wedding season we wanted to help you get the most amazing wedding images and make sure that you have those iconic images that every Bride and Groom deserves. Those artistice wedding images that belong on your wall. This will help all Wedding photographers and Cuples to plan ahead and do it right. We hear alot of girls coming to us for Trash the Dress photo shoots and they did not seem to get any great images at the wedding which I find a really sad state so I am here to help...Over the next few months when time allows I will be posting these tips for Brides so they can plan accordingly to make sure they are in the right place at the right time along with their photographer so that iconic wedding images are in your future!!!!

Tip #1. Wear a Veil or something on your daling wonderful head of beautifully designed hair....Be the Bride that you are...Shout it from the rooftops...I am the Bride..Look at me....Be bold Be couture Be amazing....Photos with veils really rock for all of us...We are out to get Award Winning Wedding images that absolutely rock the world...BUT you have to wear something to say I am the Bride!!!